Johnn Schroeder


Johnn started life as a real Montana cowboy every summer, but got plain tired of seeing the south end of north bound cows, and volunteered for the Navy. He's seen the world, worked his way around it, and learned far more than most history class ever taught! He had fun, and some 'interesting' experiences!

Johnn's been writing for ten years, and he found he was a fair story teller, with an eye for detail and a twist of humor.  Perhaps its the Irish influence of his family line, for he's ever ready to tell a tale or share a story with friends.

Johnn is a semi-retired Mechanical Designer and Drafter (30 years), and a Reverend Father.

His life has been one long learning curve, and all of that has added to the range of knowledge and experiences he draws on in writing.  That experience makes him a better writer, more creative, having seen and been touched by events and places over a lifetime.

He now lives with his wife Nancy in the lovely town of Buffalo Minnesota, in the midst of beautiful farming country and enjoys the pleasure of a more rural life and the quiet to write and dream up new book ideas.